Understanding the Law

Understanding the Law

All You Need to Know About Paternity Tests

Do you doubt the paternity of your child? Under the Australian Family Law, parents that question their child's parentage have a right to conduct a voluntary or court-ordered DNA test to determine the child's father. In the extract below, you will learn the various considerations to make when seeking a paternity test.  Why Do You Need a Paternity Test?  There

Why You Need to Be Suspicious of That Recently Completed Granny Flat When Buying a Home

There is a well-known phrase in the real estate industry that reminds a buyer to be particularly careful when they are about to purchase a new property. 'Caveat emptor' is Latin for 'buyer beware', and it's even more appropriate in the case of a recently improved property. If you are thinking about buying a home that has a newly finished extension or granny flat, why

Why Real Estate Property Buyers Should Hire a Conveyancing Specialist

Buying real estate property is a huge investment that requires a meticulous approach. One of the best decisions you can make before taking the plunge is to hire a conveyancing specialist to help with closing the property purchase.  Conveyancers can handle various aspects of the property purchase process to ensure everything goes smoothly and with minimal stress.

3 Things to Know Before Taking Court Action Against Your Partner

Are you thinking about taking court action against your partner? Whether you are filing for a divorce or resolving disputes surrounding family property or child welfare, going to court isn't always the wisest decision. Other options such as mediation may be more suitable for you and your partner. Therefore, before litigating your case in court, here are a few things t

Advantages of Hiring Business Solicitors

It can be challenging to start up a business, especially without the help of solicitors to take you through the process. During the process of owning a business, you might need to fill in some documents pertaining to legal matters that you do not understand. This is why it is crucial to seek the help of a solicitor. When new into a business, you will need the help of