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Two Affairs To Conclude With A Estate Planning Lawyer Immediately

Not many people think of their end. In fact, it is unsurprising that you probably avoid thinking about your death completely since this is the attitude most people have regarding this subject. However, passing on is a certainty. And not having any control over when it will happen should have you sober up and work towards having all your wishes legally resolved while y

How To Choose A Conveyancer When Buying Your First Home

There is a lot to think about when buying your first home, and choosing a conveyancer is an essential step. As Your Mortgage explains, a conveyancer is a professional who specialises in property transfers – essentially, helping people with the legalities of buying and selling properties. By following the steps below, you can choose a conveyancer that is right for you

How a Process Server Can Help to Uncover a Hidden Party

When two people enter into an agreement that has a considerable financial implication, there is always an element of risk. While both parties should live up to their side of the contract in an ideal world, this does not always happen, and one party may renege to cause serious harm to the other. If you're in this situation and another party has gone to ground owing you

A Conveyancer's Guide To Buying An Apartment

Do you intend to purchase an apartment? Owning your own home is a dream come true. Read the extract below to learn the various considerations to make when buying a flat in Australia. Finding a Suitable Apartment The apartment must be appealing to your eye. Some items on your checklist should include: Is the apartment conveniently located? Check access roads and the p

Why You Need to Be Suspicious of That Recently Completed Granny Flat When Buying a Home

There is a well-known phrase in the real estate industry that reminds a buyer to be particularly careful when they are about to purchase a new property. 'Caveat emptor' is Latin for 'buyer beware', and it's even more appropriate in the case of a recently improved property. If you are thinking about buying a home that has a newly finished extension or granny flat, why