Understanding the Law

Herminia Diaz

Serving a Personal Claim Against a Company or Organisation

It's usually fairly straightforward to serve a legal claim against an individual after the claim has been filed with the appropriate court (such as the Magistrates court). You simply hand the documents to the person in question, before filing an affidavit of service as a declaration that you have served the claim. You can even empower someone else (a family member, fr

Workers Compensation Insurance FAQs

Workers' compensation is an insurance cover that provides compensation for employees that get injured at the workplace. It is a compulsory cover in all Australian workplaces. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about workers' compensation insurance.  What Does Workers' Compensation Cover?  Workers' compensation insurance covers your employees. I

The Problem of Undue Influence and Will Drafting

When a close family member passes away, you might assume that you will be named as a beneficiary in their will. It can be surprising to learn that this was not the case, and it can be distressing if you suspect that undue influence was used in the creation of the will in question. But what does this really mean, and do you have grounds to contest the will? Manipulatio

Ways In Which A Wills and Estates Lawyer Can Help You

A will is a legally binding document that outlines how you want your belongings to be distributed upon your demise. A will enables you to provide for your dependents, among other things. The intricacies involved with drafting and executing a will are complex and require the assistance of a professional with legal expertise in the field. Here are some ways a wills and

What Do You Need to Know About Filing an Injunction?

In the world of business and commerce, disputes will frequently arise. Often, it is possible to settle these disputes without any duress, but sometimes, third-party intervention is necessary. If you are in this position currently, what do you need to know about injunctions, and should you pursue one? Getting Relief In the legal world, an injunction is typically ordere