Understanding the Law

How a Process Server Can Help to Uncover a Hidden Party

When two people enter into an agreement that has a considerable financial implication, there is always an element of risk. While both parties should live up to their side of the contract in an ideal world, this does not always happen, and one party may renege to cause serious harm to the other. If you're in this situation and another party has gone to ground owing you a lot of money, how can you track them down so that you can make progress?

Running Out Of Patience

In a situation like this, you may have already exhausted your patience and have concluded that the other person will not pay. You may have an email trail that paints such a picture, and although you've made several demands, it has all been to no avail.

Gone to Ground

In this case, you will need to take legal action, and you will need to serve the appropriate papers. However, you do not know where this person currently is, and they are ignoring all your latest communications. Even though you have asked friends or acquaintances that know you both, nobody seems to know what is going on.

Expert Help

In this case, think about handing everything over to a process server. They are trained in this area and may well be able to track down this person using a specific set of tactics.

Tricks of the Trade

For example, they may have access to courthouse records that show any information relative to the person, including a potential address. They may have some criminal or civil records or have a lien in their name, and all of this data is publicly available. The process server may also check with local utility companies to see if they can find a registered address. Some of this data is readily available, and if they get a paper bill delivered every month, such a search may turn up some gold.

On the other hand, if you provide the server with as much information as possible about this person, you be surprised at how far they can dig. Give them the names of any known relative or a close mutual friend and the server may be able to ask some pertinent questions.

Making Progress

Remember, a process server has many tricks of the trade to help them do their job most effectively. Turn the information over to them, and they may well be able to serve the papers and help you to move closer to closure.

To learn more about the serving legal papers, contact legal process servers in your area.